Eve Wants to Make Your Home an Automation Paradise

“Works with Apple HomeKit” was a common theme among many of the new automation companies demonstrating at the International Consumer Electronics Show, and Elgato’s Eve family of devices offers some very affordable options to quickly and easily bring smarts and Siri-based control to your home.

Eve doesn’t require a hub or central controller, and a system can be started by adding a single product, and four Eve devices are currently shipping. First is the Eve Room ($80) which measures air quality, temperature and humidty. Designed to go beyond CO2 measurement, Eve Room tracks air quality based on substances that directly affect your health and then graphs them over time so you can get to know your home. Eve Weather ($50) is similar but lacks the air quality tracking and adds air pressure reading and is meant to be placed outside so you can track weather over time. Eve Energy ($50) not only measures the energy consumption of the connected device but can also be powered on off via the app. Finally Eve Door & Window ($40) is a contact sensor that monitors the open/closed state of a connected door or window.

With HomeKit integration, you can either use an iPhone, iPad or iWatch app to monitor/control your home or program a variety of “Hey, Siri…” commands to easily operate your home. Commands such as, “Hey, Siri, is my front door closed?” or “Hey, Siri, what’s the temperature in my bedroom?” give simple access to the status of your home. Commands like, “Hey, Siri, set house to party mode” can issue a variety of functions such as setting the state of multiple lights, and turning devices like AV receivers on.

Coming soon is a motion sensor and light switch to further expand the Eve ecosystem.