Epson Means Business

While Epson’s projector demos at CEDIA were designed to impress custom installers and the press (the latter hard to please but pussycats when you win them over), it did show this short throw projector designed for the business market. That’s significant since a few such projectors have been made available to consumers (such as a model from SIM2 mentioned elsewhere in our reports).

I also spotted two such similar projectors from Sony at the show (also likely aimed at business), but they were being used in conjunction with other exhibits or talks without fanfare of any kind. They were even bigger than this one, and likely very pricey. Cost is a real issue with the short-throw projectors we’ve seen, and none of them can compete in image quality even against much cheaper conventional projectors. Getting the optics right to function this way can be difficult, and they often require specially designed, dedicated screens.