Emotiva Airmotiv Speakers Are Value Champs

Few manufacturers make value products with Emotiva's fervor and expertise, so the new Airmotiv speaker line is big news for those who want bang for buck.

Inside the geometrically distinctive enclosures are ribbon tweeters, Kevlar woofers, high-quality crossovers, window bracing, cross bracing, and advanced panel damping. Even the screws are special. They're machine screws, not wood screws, that fit into machined inserts. Who you callin' a budget speaker?

The line includes the T1 tower ($349/each), B1 bookshelf ($299/pair), C1 center ($249), E1 surround ($249/pair), LCR1 ($199/each), SB1 soundbar ($499), S12 sub ($699), and S10 sub ($499).

Though Emotiva has a Dolby Atmos processor in development, it has no plans at present to offer Atmos-enabled reflecting speakers.

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We really need a new term for brands that outsource production overseas and slap a name on it. They're not manufacturers. You can't blame them. Consider the markup. How many nickels and dimes does a $349 tower speakers cost to produce in China? The sound is so lifelike you can almost hear the slave labor in the background.