Elite Rejects the Light

Screens designed to reject light have been a major growth area in projection technology over the past few years (particularly light coming from the side and above; it’s nearly impossible to reject light aimed directly onto the screen itself, otherwise it would reject light coming from the projector itself!). Elite Prime Vision’s latest entry in the race is PolarStar.

It offers a gain of 1.3, and is polarized so that it’s suitable for use with 3D projectors that use passive glasses (though these are rare—the more common active 3D glasses work on any projection screen). The material is silver-gray in color and the light surrounding the screen comes standard but may be turned off (older fans will feel nostalgia (or maybe not!) for Philips’ Ambilight.

The screen, non-retractable only, is available in 84” to 200” sizes. A 100” diagonal should cost you $2448.