Edifier International’s Spinnaker Speakers Set Sail at CES

Take a look at these speakers. Although Edifier has named it the Spinnaker, I can’t decide if they look like sails or a pair of devil’s horns, especially when I checked out the beautiful burgundy-colored ones. The Spinnaker is available in this lush color, or a more standard black.

The Spinnaker desktop speakers are a stereo pair, each with a downward-firing subwoofer concealed behind the fabric grille coverings. It had a Bluetooth connection along with an optical input. It has a small silver domed controller that works wirelessly. You can control volume and change tracks from this little RF remote. It has 40 watts of power to each speaker and an additional 50 watts for the subwoofers. Wire trace runs keep the look neat and tidy. It retails for $250.

The Spinnaker has a slightly retro look - it could have been designed in the 70’s to sit along side of a lava lamp. Loved that look then, still like it now. Edifier has made it easy to make a unique statement in your desktop office speaker - style doesn’t have to stay home.