Drones Create Big Buzz at CES

In a spare few minutes while waiting for yet another video demo I wandered into the surprisingly extensive space at the Convention Center reserved for drones of all sizes and shapes, each of them demonstrated inside barred cages that were actually, thin, heavy strings that looked like they could be easily breached by a rabid, runaway drone. Virtually all of the drones include or can be configured with cameras of various sorts, including 4K video and infrared.

The designs ranged in size from Zerotech’s tiny, foldable and pocketable Dobby shown here ($400, including built-in 4K motion video recording, 13MP stills, and 480p inflight video monitoring ) to combat-ready designs. One booth poster trumpeted that “Every drone without [an] intelligent system is a paper plane,” and another screamed “ Star Wars: High Performance Battle Drones. I wonder if undercover agents from the FAA were scouting all of this out.