Don't Tweak It If It Ain't Broke

Another ask-the-editors session, this one about improving your home theater, was full of sage advice and even a few pretty good one-liners. We made it through almost 40 minutes of give and take until someone asked us which high definition disc format was better, Blu-ray or HD-DVD. Bottom line, we're not sure. The only thing about which we all agree, however, is that this format war stinks for everybody.

Here in L.A., the seminar rooms have been "right-sized" compared to the ones in New York which often seemed empty. With the exception of a few seats up front, we had a full house and even a few that stood for the whole hour. Speaking on behalf of the other editors at Ultimateavmag, I can say that we really enjoy our annual "reality checks" with our readers and thank you again for coming.