Deako Delivers World's Fastest Lighting Install

Having installed hundreds of lighting switches, dimmers, and keypads from a variety of companies over the years, it takes a lot to get me excited about lighting control installation. So when I say that the Deako smart lighting solution is totally unique and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, I don’t do so lightly. In fact, this is one of the most exciting lighting control products I’ve ever seen, and one that revolutionizes the installation process!

The key to Deako’s lightning-fast install is a unique back box that installs inside a regular electrical wall box. (The box with the wires extending from it in the image.) This wiring supports single- or multi-pole installation options, meaning there is only one model to work with and the “wrong” box is never installed. Once this box is installed, the lighting devices snap in and of it in about 5 seconds, letting you change from a $20 “dumb switch,” to an $80 “smart switch” to a $100 “smart dimmer” in no time.

Deako’s thinking is that the builder would have the home trimmed with the relatively inexpensive “dumb” switches during construction, and then the homeowner can easily upgrade at any time, rapidly, safely, and without even needing to cut off the breaker! The system is scalable and can support up to 10,000 devices, and communicates via a Bluetooth mesh network that operates up to 100-feet between devices.

Both the smart switch and dimmer can be programmed to support up to three lighting scenes, and the system also offers a $99 Bridge that enables 3rd party interoperability with devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. An iOS and Android app allow for control as well as advanced programming of scenes, schedules and timers. With a simple bit of programming, the smart switch can be configured as an accessory dimmer for 3- or 4-way lighting loads.

The system is said to control any dimmable lightbulb including LED, ELV and incandescent, and the switches have a cool, European square-style form factor. Currently only available in gloss white, the company plans on adding additional colors.