The Darbee video processor is said to cleanly enhance a video image. Based on what I saw at CEDIA (and based on Kris Deering's review that's available on this site) it does the job surprisingly well. I did notice, however, that if there are artifacts in the source material it will enhance those as well! But the degree of enhancement is adjustable.

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I was an early adopter and a distributer was kind enough to ship it to me down under. I use it on a Kuro lx-509a (similar to a pro-111fd) and I get zero artifacts using the HD mode with a 35% application on a test pattern. Despite the low percentage the image is clearer and has more depth. For those familiar with the advanced picture settings of a Kuro, it's like upping the DRE and Enhancer levels without crushing blacks or adding noise. Amazing. Now if only I could aquire a few more ... Sold out everywhere !