Cut the Kordz

Bad pun. The Kordz Neo-S3 has nothing to do with cancelling your TV cable service for wirelessly streaming your programs from the Internet. Rather, it involves 4K and ultra long HDMI cables, as might be found in many custom installations. It consists of a pair of powered HDMI dongles ($349) to which you attach your existing HDMI link, one at each end. It’s said to allow for an HDMI run of up to 30 meters, even in 4K. Kordz also offers HDMI cables, though the HDMI cable is not included with the Neo-S, just the dongles. Available in October.

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Do you have to get 2 of them ,one at pre pro end and display or just one. and if one do you plug that into display or pre pro?

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Yes, Kordz NEO-S3 comes with a pair of dongles: one for the source end, and the other for the display end. Hope this helps!