Cry Wolf

Wolf Cinema announced (but did not demonstrate its new SDC-6 Home Cinema Ensemble, consisting of a single chip DLP projector and an outboard ProScaler MkIII video processor. The 2D/3D 1080p projector is said to offer a dynamic contrast ratio of 15,000:1 and a peak output of 3500 ANSI lumens. But the exciting feature here is the ProScaler processor (not available separately).

The processor offers full color calibration controls, upconversion of lesser source material to 1080p, and multiple calibration memories. It also includes a feature Wolf calls E-VariScope, which can electronically alter the aspect ratio of the image. For example, you can display both 2.35:1 and 1.78:1 images in constant height on a 2.35:1 screen without requiring either manual zooming or an anamorphic lens. If you want to use the latter, however, the package can provide the needed anamorphic stretch. In theory, electronically adjusting the aspect ratio might affect resolution, but we'll reserve judgment on that until we get a chance check the system out. The projector/processor package ships in November at $6000.