Cognitive Networks Makes Your Smart TV Smarter

Soon you’ll be able to interact with many popular TV shows without leaving your TV screen. Cognitive Networks showed off its “smarter TV” technology. Currently built into LG TVs, the technology enhances TV viewing by bringing content typically found on a second screen (your tablet) directly to the TV. What makes this unique is its ACR (automatic content recognition) technology which recognizes what TV show is coming to the TV from a set-top box. Once it identifies the live or recorded program, it tells (sends info to) the content provider partner—a TV network, Showtime, and others—that you are watching the show. If the TV show has enhanced content available, it will be delivered directly to the TV where you can use your TV remote to watch extras like behind-the-scenes videos, or participate in polls.

In 2015, two major manufacturers will also incorporate Cognitive Networks technology into their TVs, but the company is holding off revealing who will be their new partners.