CES 2013: Wrapup

We're pretty much concluded S+V's extensive coverage of CES 2013, so we thought it'd be nice to collect all the articles we wrote in one place for easy browsing.

The facts and figures are in: The Consumer Electronics Association, the org that puts on CES every year, said there were more than 150,000 attendees, more than 3,250 exhibitors, about 20,000 new products, and more than 170 countries represented. I doubt anyone who was there would question these numbers. There were huge sections of the show I passed but didn't have time to explore, and going almost anywhere required waiting in a line of hundreds of people. Yeah, it's a hassle and its overwhelming and Apple doesn't attend, but still, it's amazing that an undertaking this colossal can work as well as it does.

Here's links to all the articles we did:

Press events

CES Unveiled (Brent Butterworth)
LG press event (Al Griffin)
Monster press event (Brent Butterworth)
Sharp TV introductions (Geoffrey Morrison)
Sony press event (Al Griffin)
Panasonic TV introductions (Geoffrey Morrison)


Smart TV, Evolved (Al Griffin)
NYNE Multimedia (Leslie Shapiro)
Marshall home audio system (Ken Pohlmann)
JBL OnBeat Rumble (Leslie Shapiro)
BOOM Audio debut (Brent Butterworth)
Kenwood DNN990HD head unit (Ken Pohlmann)
Stellé Audio Couture (Leslie Shapiro)
iLuv MobiRock wireless dock (Leslie Shapiro)
LG 100-inch "laser TV" (Geoffrey Morrison)
Panasonic 2013 ZT60 TV vs. 2012 VT50 (Geoffrey Morrison)
Velodyne LIDAR system (Geoffrey Morrison)
DTS Headphone X (Geoffrey Morrison)


Headphone roundup (Brent Butterworth)
The future of audio (Ken Pohlmann)
The state of smart TV at CES (Al Griffin)
Audio gear roundup (Brent Butterworth)
Personal audio roundup (Brent Butterworth)
Soundbar roundup (Brent Butterworth)