In-Ceiling Home Theater Speakers Sound Golden

GoldenEar Technology's Sandy Gross knows how to make an outstanding sounding loudspeaker. Whether bookshelf or tower, Gross's designs never fail to impress. But in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be a trickier proposition. GoldenEar Technology showed they were up to the challenge by building a new demo theater this year to highlight the company's Invisa HTR 7000 speakers designed for use as ceiling mounted main front left, center right speakers.

The speakers utilized the same 7-inch high-definition driver as used in the highly regarded GoldenEar Aon3 as well as the High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeter. The speaker's angled baffle design does a terrific job of floating sounds right in front of the screen, marrying them to the video instead of sounding buried in the ceiling. The speakers mated beautifully with GoldenEar's Invisa MPX MultiPolar in-wall surround speakers, creating a cohesive surround sound that allowed you to be immersed in the on-screen audio.