CEDIA Expo 2011

Summer is just about over, which means it's time for the annual confab known as CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) Expo. Next week, the show returns to Indianapolis, Indiana, after several years in Denver and Atlanta while the Indiana Convention Center underwent extensive renovation as depicted in the rendering above. Home Theater will be there in force with five correspondents—Rob Sabin, Tom Norton, Mark Fleischmann, Darryl Wilkinson, and myself—all blogging from the show floor about the super-cool audio, video, and custom-installation goodies that will undoubtedly be unveiled. So be sure to check HomeTheater.com often for the latest from the world of high-end home theater, and prepare to drool!

Jarod's picture

Really looking forward to all the coverage!

jjj21's picture

I'd like to see info on the Vizio 21:9 HDTV.

Scott Wilkinson's picture
Sadly, Vizio won't be at CEDIA this year. We will certainly review their 21:9 set as soon as they make one available to us.
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Scott, who's do you expect to have the most innovative new products this year? Who's the must see?

Scott Wilkinson's picture
One of the must-sees at CEDIA will be projectors with native 2.35:1 imagers that do not require an anamorphic lens. Digital Projection and SIM2 will both have one there, and perhaps others. Also, JVC and Sony are rumored to be showing 4K projectors, though JVC has been doing that for several years with a $200,000 model. My hope is that both companies will have 4K projectors in a more affordable price range.

On the audio side, Atlantic Technology will be showing a soundbar using H-PAS technology, which could eliminate the need for a subwoofer, at least in small installations. At the high end, KEF will be showing its Blade speaker, which was previously only a concept product. And Cary Audio will be showing its Cinema 12 pre/pro, bringing this high-end audio company up to date with its video capabilities.

I expect to see lots of wireless audio and video as well. Stay tuned to HomeTheater.com for all the exciting news from the show!