If Tony Stark Docked His iPad, He'd Use This

Many people have turned to the iPad as the controller of choice for their home's automation system. Using systems from the likes of Control4, Crestron, Savant, or URC, you can turn even the humblest iPad into a powerful automation controller capable of adjusting lights, HVAC, alarm, TV and about anything else you can think of. But where to you put the iPad when you're not using it? Do you just plop it on a sofa cushion or leave it on a counter somewhere until the next time you need it, and then hope the battery isn't dead?

The folks at iRoom have come up with the iDock, one of the coolest in-wall docking solutions I've seen. A dock so luxe that would be right at home inside of Tony Stark's mansion.

The motorized dock fits flush in the wall and comes in iPad matching gloss black or white finishes and accepts any generation iPad. Simply put the Pad into the dock and press the closed button and the smoothly dock retracts to be flush in the wall and then connects to power so you'll never have to wonder where it is or if it is powered up. Removing the dock is a simple procedure...as long as you know the security code. This should be enough to keep the enemies of SHIELD and your kids at bay.