CEDIA 2006 - More Photos

I've posted some more photos from the show in our Galleries.

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Geoffrey,I am currently in the process of building a home theater and was wondering if you had any suggestions on in wall speakers around the $500 each price range that have a depth of under 3-3/4" with back boxes that have directional tweeters and that can be installed between wall studs.Any that you have reviewed or personel favs that you would recommend to me?I have subscribed for some time and have not been able to land on the "right" in walls. I would like to get some speakers that have a lot of "impact" and punch to add to the sensation of the movie. I have always perfered ribbon tweeters. The room is 20 x 15'.Please reply to me at bigtallmark@hotmail.com.Anyone who would like to also answer would be great. I want to get as much info on hi end - in wall as possible.Thank you !!

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Correction to the earlier e-mail,Depth should be no more than 3-3/8th.Thanks

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