B&W Sub Operates in Disguise

The Bowers & Wilkins ISW-3 sub has a front-facing slot grille that can be disguised as a vent for very minimal footprint. It costs $1000. Budget another grand for the SA-250MkII sub amp. B&W also showed the PM-1 monitor ($2800/pair). It has a new carbon-braced aluminum tweeter that pushes breakup mode up to 40kHz, beyond the range of human hearing. It's mated with a five-inch Kevlar woofer.

JustinGN's picture

That's a gorgeous piece of kit for an in-wall subwoofer, and the vent option makes sure nobody notices it, but everyone knows it's there, exactly as a subwoofer should be. The price is darn good too, at two grand for the full kit (sub/amp), not to mention retrofit friendly (no worries about heat from built-in amplifiers, woo!).

This is definitely at the top of the list for a future theater build out. I love my speakers, but I've always wished I could make the subwoofer disappear.

Now I can.