Browse Online Videos with Fredio

Fredio showed their video aggregating app at CES. Pronounced "free-d-o," the app is proposed for Smart TVs and tablets. Streaming video websites are listed in an app-like icon grid with the number of available videos. Because Fredio doesn't show the videos on their app, the developers believe they will be able to offer videos available on websites from Ted Talks to network TV sites to links to specific TV shows.

While most video aggregating apps will stream the videos from the app, clicking on a video in Fredio takes you to the original video website--clicking on Modern Family takes you to the ABC or Modern Familywebsite. Behind the scenes of Fredio, each listed video is actually a link instead of the whole video.

Fredio allows for several accounts where each person can set up their favorite shows. This makes for fast access to videos from a number of different providers. Also, videos from different websites can be added to a queue. Instead of changing from one app to the next and searching for videos, individual videos can be accessed via the Fredio app. For example, you can access a video from National Geographic channel followed by a Ted Talk, an ABC TV show, and a Discovery Channel video.

Fredio will be, as its name implicates, free. The company will make its money by adding advertising to the beginning of the video playback. Videos from other providers may have additional advertising within the video. Fredio makes no changes to the video stream.

Fredio co-founder and CEO, William Loesch, could not confirm any Smart TV or tablet companies at this time. But when the app arrives, it could make streaming video from popular websites a much simpler experience.