Bluesound Unveils First Hi-Res/MQA Soundbar

Bluesound added the latest products to its wireless BluOS ecosystem with the new Pulse Soundbar and Pulse Sub. Both models are meant to add easily to a BluOS audio system, but now bring improved TV audio into the mix.

The two-channel high resolution soundbar will support audio resolution up to 192/24-bit and also support Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) audio streaming, another first in the soundbar category. The speaker has been voiced by renowned speaker designer and engineer, Paul Barton, and it is designed to provide rich, loud, full-range sound without requiring a subwoofer.

The speaker is a true three-way configuration with tri-amplification for maximum performance, with six active and two passive drivers driven by a total 120-watts DirectDigital power in a 20x6 array. In addition to WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet, the Pulse Soundbar includes Bluetooth aptX and an optical and RCA analog stereo input with auto switching. Like all produces in the BluOS ecosystem, the bar supports MP3, AAC, WMA, WMA-L, Ogg, FLAC, WAV, ALAC as well as true Hi-Res audio.

For optimal audio reproduction, the bar will have user selectable listening modes including two dialog enhancements, a wide music mode, and a wide cinema mode to increase the perceived width of the audio image. For ease of use the bar includes an IR sensor with learning function to allow using a TV remote control to operate basic functions like volume and mute.

If added bass is required, the new Pulse Sub is designed for incredibly easy integration. The wireless transmitter in the soundbar automatically senses the sub’s presence and adjusts its internal settings to redirect the lowest bass frequencies to the sub. The Pulse Sub features a 6 ½-inch driver and is powered by 100-watt Class D amplifier and comes in a svelte design allowing multiple discreet install options. The Pulse Soundbar also features a traditional RCA LFE output for adding another subwoofer.

The Pulse Soundbar will be available next month at a suggested retail of $999 and the Pulse Sub is expected in November for $599.