Blue Satellite Headphones Take Unique Approach to Noise Cancellation

Relative newcomer to the headphone industry (but old-timer in the mic business), Blue is shaking things up with a different way of dealing with noise cancelling sounds. While most headphones use a single driver, Blue’s wireless, over-ear Satellite uses a separate driver specifically for the sounds used to cancel out noise. Different, right?

The Satellite uses an analog amplifier that creates a warm sound even with compressed digital files. The 44mm dynamic drivers are for recreating music, while smaller 30mm drivers deliver the frequencies needed to eliminate outside sounds. Typical noise-cancelling speakers remove the offensive frequencies from the audio signal. This approach is so unique it has a patent pending on the technique.

The battery life is 24 hours with Bluetooth only, and 8 hours with Bluetooth and ANC. The Satellite will completely recharge in 3 hours. It can also be used with an included audio cable without any battery power. It is using Bluetooth 4.1 and aptX. The frequency range of the Satellite is 16 Hz - 22kHz.

I got a chance to audition the Blue Satellite with Bach’s Suite for Cello #1, played by Janos Starker. The clarity of the high-end was quite impressive, and even on a very noisy show floor, the noise cancellation didn’t interfere with the deep resonance of the cello and the sense of space in the recording.

The Blue Satellite headphones are available now and retail for $400.