Blu-ray Disc Is Here!

Not only does the sign say so, I'm holding a full production copy of Hitch on Blu-ray Disc right now! OK, it's actually sitting next to my laptop since I can't type and hold it at the same time.

After show hours on Friday Sony took a group of journalists over to Sony Pictures to offically introduce the Blu-ray Disc. Sony passed out copies of Hitch, and told us of their BD plans.

The first wave of movies will be released later this month as planned, and catalog titles will be released consistently through the rest of the year. Underworld: Evolution will be released very near to the DVD date, and from this point forward all of Sony Pictures' major releases will be either day and date with DVD, or within a week or two. In all Sony says there will be over 100 movies released on BD by the end of 2006.

Folks, Blu-ray Disc is indeed here. Now, if I can just swipe a Sony player so I can watch this first disc...