Basalte Auro Smart Motion Sensor

Basalte brings Belgian-style, flare and automation smarts to its Auro motion sensor which has a completely flat design and 2-inch visible diameter that can be flush mounted in-wall, creating a virtually invisible look. Beyond a sleek look, the sensor offers Crestron and Lutron HomeWorks integration that sets it apart from other sensors.

Beyond motion sensing the Auro includes a built-in light sensor and internal temperature sensor. When integrated into Crestron or Lutron systems, this motion, light, and temperature sensing can be used to execute any automation command the homeowner desires.

With its flush mount, discreet design, the Auro can be placed virtually anywhere without marring the aesthetics of a room like a traditional motion sensor. And with its 360-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical motion detection range the Auro is perfect for hallways, toilets, and small rooms.

Auro will be available “very soon” in either black or white in both Cresnet (Crestron) and RS485 (Lutron) versions. Retail pricing was unavailable at the show.