Audioengine HD3 Is Both Speaker and Headphone Amp

Audioengine says its new HD3 (the smaller of the two speakers pictured) is more than just a warmed over version of its famous AE2. It is not only an active mini-monitor but can also function as a headphone amp.

Another noteworthy feature is the PC-friendly USB input. I review loads of AVRs with semi-useless USB-ins that won't accept a computer. This little guy does, in addition to the analog-in.

One thing the HD3 does have in common with other Audioengine speakers are the textile tweeter and Kevlar woofer. The internal amp is rated at 15 watts per speaker. Price is $399/pair.

jaredjcrandall's picture

I bought the HD3 because I have always liked audioengine and I liked the idea of using the 3.5mm jack when I didn't want to plug in my transportable dac/amp, but a caveat, the dac/amp in the 3.5mm is a little shrill, so make sure that you have proper synergy when looking to use the 3.5mm i.e. use warm headphones/iems. Even if i don't have a syngery with the 3.5mm i still use it and am happy it does a good job. Additionally, I really like the fact that I can use the crossover (bass limiter) in the back so I can keep the mids clean and reduce any boomy sound that overwhelms the mids/highs. Great product!