Audio Technica Intros Sonic Fuel Headphone Line

Interested in capturing the expanded need for on-the-go headphones, Audio Technica has announced the new line of "Sonic Fuel" in-ear headphones. The range will include 5 separate models ranging from $45 to $100, all that feature 360 degree rotating tips, which Audio Technica say will make for a more comfortable listening experience on the move.

I got a chance to get my hands on the ATH-CKX7is, the mid-range of the series price-wise at around $80 US. Available in black, white, red, blue, and purple (mine were a lovely Tardis blue), the Sonic Fuel CKX7is includes four pairs of silicone tips, three sets of stay-put cartilage hooks, as well as a pair of comply tips. With so many combinations and permutations for fit, it may take a few tries to get the right sizing for you. Once you do, however, I found that the Sonic Fuel were really comfortable, and did feel as though they would stay put no matter how I bobbed my head about.

Also worth noting is the universal mic/remote slide volume control. The single button remote starts/stops music, skips tracks, and answers/ends calls. The volume is a manual slide that doesn't control the phone's volume output, rather the headphone's amplification of that output. While it works for every phone on the market, get that little slide caught on your jacket and your ears could be in for a sonic surprise, so set your main volume on your phone accordingly.

So far as sound goes, a quick listen gave me the sense that the ATH-CKX7is are peaked, with a noticeable boost in the low end and are a tad sibilant in the high range. That said, folks that like an "exciting" sound like this may really appreciate the boost when competing with the noises of a long commute. Overall, if you are someone who has problems with your in-ears staying in place, and are looking for a colorful option to keep around for your commute, the Sonic Fuel may have an option that's just the right fit or you.