Arcam Goes HDMI

The AVR600 ($5000, bottom) is the first HDMI receiver from British manufacturer Arcam and therefore the company's first model to support lossless surround. It's HDMI 1.3, of course -- otherwise why bother? -- with five ins and two outs. The seven times 120 watt amp is Class G, which combines Class AB power output with a linear tracking power supply that ensures peaks are well-supplied with juice. Though Arcam had previously used Class G in HTiB products, this is the first implementation in an a/v receiver. Shipping in February. The company also showed a prototype of a forthcoming Blu-ray Profile 2.0 player (top) – Tom has the details below.

M. Garrison's picture

What sort of video processor does the AVR600 use?Upconversion to 1080p24? Im sure it sounds great because its from Arcam and its not cheap. A full review of this product would be greatly appreciated in the magazine ASAP. Thank you.