Access All Your Media, Search 400,000 Titles With Technicolor's M-Go

Technicolor showed off M-Go, the robust new media app for TVs, tablets, smart phones and computers that makes it possible to access anything you want to watch on the device or thrown to your TV. Through a simple menu on your mobile device or computer you can get to your desired movie or TV show without the need to navigate to each service, comb through the TV program guide or scroll through your DVR to find it.

M-go allows you to access your photos, music, and movies from within one application. You can access your media libraries from DLNA enabled servers or computers on your home network. And you can access a number of online streaming services including their own M-Go streaming library of 10,000 titles as well as Netflix, Hulu, Ultraviolet, and other cloud lockers. While you can search your DVR or control certain cable or satellite set-top boxes, M-Go is developing its own online live TV subscription service.

What makes M-Go stand out is its searching capability. M-Go can search 100,000 movies and 400,000 TV shows. Not only can you search by title, keywords or typical metadata-- cast, crew, and genre--you will be able to actually search for content that appears in the film. Because M-Go’s parent company is Technicolor who is already using this information in its other businesses needs, the ability to search by what appears onscreen is a byproduct of something they are already doing.

M-Go CEO, John Batter, gave an example. Say you want to find every film where a Coke can appears onscreen, or where Tom Cruise is riding a motorcycle, M-Go could come up with a list of films based on what you want to see because its search goes through the DNA of the movie, using search algorithms that look at the actual images of every frame of a film or TV show.

M-Go also accesses information about films, TV shows and music using the tablet as a second screen. M-Go is working with Hollywood studios to create bonus content for second screen apps similar to what you might find on a DVD or Blu-ray movie. Check out my report on tablets as a second screen.

M-Go will come preloaded on 2012 Samsung and Vizio TVs, and on Intel Ultrabooks.