Wisdom Audio Gets My Top Pick

Wisdom Audio delivered my favorite presentation of the show with their massive screen and even bigger sound. By all accounts a no compromise, price no object system but it delivered in every way. They also picked some of the best clips of the show to really demonstrate their finesse and might. Their planar speakers stood a good 10’ tall and their subwoofers were the size of couches but they did a great job of delivering a sound that was both massive and refined.

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The Wisdom demo employed a Runco LightStyle LS-12d 3-chip DLP projector ($28,000), including Runco's DC-300 video processor (comes with the LS-12d; available separately at $10,000) along with a Panamorph anamorphic lens (about $9000 according to Wisdom, but not confirmed). The LS-12d must be a light canon to fill that 20-foot wide, very low gain Seymour acoustically transparent screen with an image that was satisfyingly bright.
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I agree. It was an awesome demonstration using clever music and movie clips to show off their stunning line source loudspeakers.