A New Mounting Solution

Flexibility has never been the name of the game when it comes to flat panel installation. But Salamander Designs is out to change all that with its latest mounting solution, the floorstanding Synchro Furniture Mate ($599). Instead of having to permanently mount your flat panel to a wall or set it on top of a cabinet, the Synchro Furniture Mate lets you have the stability of mounting on a freestanding and customizable component.

Salamander Designs built the Synchro Furniture Mate with a fork-like base, so that you can place your plasma or LCD behind nearly any kind of media cabinet. Although it’s a freestanding mount, it has the capacity to hold flat-panel displays up to 60 inches in size and up to 110 lbs in weight. Also, with its freestanding capabilities, you’ll be able to move it easily if your style or location changes. Whatever the case, Salamander Designs’ ingenious new solution intends to give you the flexibility you’ve always wanted with your flat panel.