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Time sure flies. Just 16 years ago, I was a senior in college at SUNY Binghamton. In my time there I had the pleasure of seeing Phish play a few shows at the Broome County Arena. The last of those concerts occurred 16 years ago this week (12/14/1995), and was released as the first in the Live Phish series.

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What do good hippies do when their band's adopted home state is devastated by a natural disaster? They throw a benefit concert of course!

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Can't make it to the gig? These days, that won't stop you from listening in high resolution - soundboard recordings aren't the cassette tapes of yore anymore. FLAC HD is the format of choice nowadays, and our new blogger Philip Ryan (who in his spare time serves as the technical editor of S+V's sister publications Popular Photography and American Photo) will be checking out a wide range of high-res recordings to see how close he can get to being there.

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With two shows of very solid playing in the bag, we come to the end of the Colorado run. The guys are firing on all cylinders from the beginning, though they get tripped up a little in the second half of the first set - they're obviously going for it, but can't seem to get there.

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The second show of a three-show run can be a difficult thing. When they've played as well as they did on Sept 2, there's pressure to follow it up with something amazing.

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If ever there were a way to show how much Phish appreciates its fans, it'd be a set like this one. Longtime Phish fan Scott Nowak died in August, and the rumor among Phish fans was that this show was in memory of him.

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My name is Philip and I listen to jam band music. I'd say I'm primarily a Phish fan, though I'm also a big fan of the Grateful Dead and also enjoy other types of jam band music - as well as lots of non-jam band sounds.

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Movie night's a nice family tradition. But now that Junior's got a new video iPod and Razr cellphone, he's starting to lose interest in watching movies on the TV. What to do?