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With more and more connected devices being added every single day, and people increasingly turning to streaming for the TV and movie content, the network has become the most important infrastructure in the system. At the center of the network lies the router; a device most people don’t think about until something like Netflix or Amazon streaming stops working or their WiFi cuts out. The router is mission critical for network performance of all systems of a connected home: automation, A/V streaming, security, even lighting. And Pakedge feels everyone deserves great performance.

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Automation and control leader, Control4, released the latest version of its operating system this week, OS 2.10. This release expands performance and delivers a host of new features and upgrades that will be immediately available for free to dealers and customers. Much of the new update focuses on interoperability, peace of mind, personalization and audio improvements for both existing and new systems, all designed to improve customer happiness and satisfaction.
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Kaleidescape launched a new product at CEDIA called the Co-Star Switch which combines film library collections between the companies Strato and Premiere movie servers. Up until Co-Star, the two systems were completely separate, with movies stored on the Strato’s hard drive only viewable using the Strato’s on-screen interface, and movies stored on a Premiere server only visible using it’s interface. The Co-Star solves this issue in a simple yet ingenious way.

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Kaleidescape, the leader in the movie server category, “teased” an advanced, pre-beta look at a new version of its kOs software which will allow users to navigate the company’s movie store and purchase movies directly from the on-screen user interface. Previously users needed to log in to the store using a Web browser, and then select and purchase a title and initiate a download. Now owners will be able to jump right from the onscreen interface into the store to browse and make purchases without getting off the couch or lifting a finger off the remote.

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Having installed hundreds of lighting switches, dimmers, and keypads from a variety of companies over the years, it takes a lot to get me excited about lighting control installation. So when I say that the Deako smart lighting solution is totally unique and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, I don’t do so lightly. In fact, this is one of the most exciting lighting control products I’ve ever seen, and one that revolutionizes the installation process!

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Basalte brings Belgian-style, flare and automation smarts to its Auro motion sensor which has a completely flat design and 2-inch visible diameter that can be flush mounted in-wall, creating a virtually invisible look. Beyond a sleek look, the sensor offers Crestron and Lutron HomeWorks integration that sets it apart from other sensors.

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Without a doubt, one of the most impressive and important speakers in your home theater system is the subwoofer. The sub lays down the bedrock foundation of a good system, producing deep, tactile bass that makes music more dynamic, movies more visceral, and raises the overall performance of any speaker system. When I’m working with clients on designing their surround systems, my recommendation is almost always that they buy the biggest and best subwoofer they can afford.
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How to enjoy a large TV without having it dominate your room.
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Does your Wi-Fi network suck? Here are five things you can do to significantly improve its performance.
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PRICE $3,499 ($4,477 as reviewed)

Fast setup/programming
Supports modern and legacy sources
Integrates with many third-party systems
AirPlay gives virtually unlimited access
NAS streaming has quirks
Native app support is fairly limited

Russound delivers whole-home audio entertainment in a single, massively expandable chassis, allowing you to enjoy legacy analog/digital sources or modern streaming.

Streaming and app-based control may be all the rage for music listening, but they ignore the fact that many people still have older, legacy gear they want to enjoy around their homes. Sometimes, whether it’s a CD player, turntable, or cable/satellite set-top box, “stream it from the cloud” isn’t a workable solution. Also, most modern wireless streaming music systems, such as Sonos and Play-Fi, eschew any type of wall-based control, relying solely on a smartphone or tablet interface.