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With A/V streaming gaining ground on packaged media, those shiny plastic discs that arrive regularly in your mailbox might soon become a thing of the past. Physical formats like Blu-ray and CD are likely to stick around for at least a few years; even so, it’s probably time to put some thought into what machine you’ll use to play your disc collection in the future. Instead of maintaining multiple players, doesn’t it make sense to own just one that can handle any media you throw at it? Also, since we’re talking about the long haul here, shouldn’t you buy a sturdy model that’s unlikely to break down after a few short years of service?
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Plug and Play

Q: How do you attach an iPod or similar MP3 player to a stereo receiver or AVR to maximize playback quality? I’m a longtime subscriber, but I only remember seeing you give examples of the “minimalist” approach using small speakers and docks designed specifically for iPods.

--Ronald V. Tancredi | Farmingdale, NY

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As anyone who saw Avatar in 3D at a theater (especially an IMAX theater) can attest, it set a high bar for depth-enhanced cinema. And for people like me fortunate enough to have had access to a 3D TV in 2010, each of the meager disc offerings squeezed out by the studios inevitably stood in comparison with that benchmark experience. With few exceptions, all fell well short of my Avatar-fueled expectations.

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When I first checked out one of Mitsubishi's Unisen "Immersive Sound" LCD TVs (the LT-46153, reviewed here), I was struck by the ingenuity of mounting a full-featured soundbar into the set's cabinet. And when I eventually connected a subwoofer to the TV, powered it up, and let a movie rip, I was floored by the room-filling sound - something you don't expect from a flat-panel model.

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The writer F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said there are no second acts in American lives. But what about third acts? Speaker impresario Sandy Gross is a cofounder of two of the best-known companies in the home theater/audio biz: Polk Audio and Definitive Technology.

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Question: I have a Mitsubishi WD-82837 TV and a Pioneer Elite VSX-01 THX receiver and would like to upgrade the system for Blu-ray 3D. What do I need to do? Is my Pioneer receiver outfi tted with HDMI 1.4, or do I need a new one?
Peter Drees | Taylor, MI

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Q: It was my understanding that music fi les recorded on CD-R had a 100- year life expectancy based on laboratory studies. However, a recent study commissioned by the Library of Congress found that music fi les on CD-R last only 3 to 5 years before they start to fade. Does this mean that it’s necessary to re-record music CD-Rs every couple of years to preserve them?
Gary Johnson | Duluth, MN

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Key Features
• Edge-lit LED backlight
• 3D-capable (comes with two sets of active-shutter eyewear)t
• 3D conversion of 2D content
• Motionflow Pro 240 Hz display modes
• Streaming options include Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Pandora, Slacker, and Picasa