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HT Staff  |  Aug 08, 2000  |  0 comments
If you're in the market for a disc spinner compatible with all current DVD and CD formats, Theta Digital has just what you're looking for. The Agoura Hills, CA- digital pioneer has announced its new "Carmen" transport, said to be state-of-the-art in third-generation DVD technology.
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Tight punchy bass, incredible clarity, and high efficiency are qualities all home theater fans look for when shopping for loudspeakers. Great sound is important, but the dealmaker is often the speakers' look.
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Décor-conscious movie buffs dismayed by big, black rear projector sets have something new to look at. Marantz has come up with the PD4290D widescreen plasma monitor--it's only 3.5-inches deep, but offers wide-angle viewing from its 42-inch diagonal screen. Mounted on a wall (with cables hidden) or on its tabletop stand, the $14,999 PD4290D makes an unequivocal statement about melding technology with high style.
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Home theater fans looking for one component that will do everything should look no further than Denon’s new AVR-5800 receiver. With seven channels of high-wattage amplification, a subwoofer output, and high-resolution internal digital-to-analog converters, the AVR-5800 is also the first home theater product designed to accommodate DTS-ES Discrete 6.1, the recently-announced surround sound format from acoustic effects pioneer Digital Theater Systems.
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No projector, no screen, no giant box dominating the room--just a bright, clear picture hanging on the wall. It's the dream of many home theater enthusiasts, and Panasonic is helping to make it come true. The Japanese manufacturer has announced huge advances in contrast ratio––boosting it from a middling 400:1 to a mind-boggling 2000:1--and resulting in, the company says, brighter whites and darker blacks.
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Not every home theater enthusiast has space for a big screen and a bulky projector. If your taste in home entertainment runs toward cozier rooms, perhaps you should look at a smaller high-definition CRT display, like the HD3298u from Konka.
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Not too long ago you had to fork over a grand or more for a high-performance DVD player. Pioneer has just sliced that ticket by more than half with their new DV-525, a player sporting 10-bit video processing and internal 24-bit/96-kilohertz digital-to-analog converters. The $425 player is said to offer "twice the picture quality of a VCR" and options "usually reserved for players costing much more."
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Audiophiles have long joked that the "spousal acceptance factor" for equipment is at its most insurmountable when it comes to loudspeakers--and they were only talking about a pair. Home theater buffs face an even bigger challenge: getting their mates to accept FIVE speakers and a subwoofer.
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Are stratospheric equipment prices bumming you out? Onkyo has something guaranteed to cheer you up: a new home theater receiver with multiple inputs, Dolby and DTS surround processing, five channels of high-current power, and an incredibly low price. How low? Try $330.
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Many home theater fans believe Theta Digital Corporation is primarily an audio company, but Theta also makes excellent digital video gear. Case in point: the company's new Carmen DVD transport.