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HT Staff  |  Feb 13, 2001  |  0 comments
Continuing its tradition of high-value products, Adcom has introduced the GTP-760, a tuner/preamp made with home theater fans in mind. Its ability to handle DVD-Audio discs in either 5.1 channel surround sound mode or traditional two-channel stereo mode will attract music lovers, too. Movie soundtracks can be decoded by the GTP-760 in both DTS and Dolby Digital formats.
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As technology marches on, the price of excellence continues to drop. A superb example is Harman Kardon's new DVD 50, a five-disc carousel changer with progressive video output, high-resolution audio decoding, and compatibility with a wide variety of recorded formats. The price? A mere $650.
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Is your coffee table a museum of remote controls? If so, it's time to streamline your home theater space with one elegant device that does the work of many.
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Just say no to black, brushed aluminum, and dark wood veneers. Tigard, Oregon-based EdgeAudio is betting that movie fans will do exactly that when they seen the company's new line of home theater speaker systems. Conceived by award-winning Ziba Design, EdgeAudio's entire line of home theater speakers and subwoofers will get the color cabinet treatment later this year. Prototypes were displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.
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Audiophiles and musicians have long relied on vacuum tubes as a way to add some sweetness to the sound of their equipment. Home theater fans seeking the same benefit have had to resort to multiple amplifiers, an expensive and space-intensive solution.
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Only a handful of companies have successfully made and marketed both electronics and loudspeakers, but Krell Industries intends to do just that. The legendary electronics maker has introduced new high-performance loudspeaker system designated the "Lossless Acoustic Transducer" (LAT) Series. The new speakers made their official debut at the 2001 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
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Until recently, movie fans on the go had to shell out a few grand for laptop computers with DVD playback capability. Such units typically weigh a several pounds and offer far more functionality than movie fans need.
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Screens made by Stewart Filmscreen Corporation are not merely the choice of home theater fans worldwide. They are also the choice of such discriminating clients as the National Air and Space Administration and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which has twice honored the company with Technology Achievement awards.
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Outlaw Audio has debuted its Model 1050, claimed to be the world's first 6.1-channel receiver to sell for under $600, a price point made possible by the use of Zoran's ZR38650 multi-format digital audio processor IC.
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Space constraints are among the biggest obstacles retailers encounter when selling home entertainment systems. Many people object to the proliferation of equipment needed to play several different formats of video and audio recordings.