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HT Staff  |  May 30, 2001  |  0 comments
On May 31, Panasonic announced the DMR-E20, its second-generation DVD video recorder. Carrying a suggested retail price of $1499.95, less than half the price of last year's DMR-E10, the new machine will hit the streets in October.
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Not everyone wants or needs a cost-no-object home theater. Many movie fans are completely content with affordable systems, and companies like Polk Audio are working hard to keep them happy.
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International Business Machines isn't a company anyone normally associates with home theater products. Movie fans, however, might do well to put aside their assumptions for a moment and take a look at IBM's new MicroPortable data/video projector. Capable of a light output of 1100 lumens, the new projector weighs only three pounds---and is claimed to be HDTV compatible.
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Canada's Classé Audio Inc. has long been known for building audiophile equipment. With the rise of home theater, the company expanded its offerings with multichannel amplifiers, DVD players, surround processors, and other product to enhance the experience of movie lovers everywhere.
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Venerable loudspeaker manufacturer JBL has added an impressive new series to its home theater offerings. The TiK line embodies an entirely new design, one that JBL is calling the "bending trapezoid," for its gently curving sides and truncated-cone appearance. The company has devoted special attention to chamber construction and resonance suppression, in addition to developing a new set of drivers. TiK speakers are new from the ground up.
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The Home Entertainment 2001 Show, held in New York City May 11-13, 2001, has received high marks and a standing ovation from show attendees, who came to experience some of the most innovative and exciting consumer electronics products in decades.
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This summer, Bedford, MA-based Lexicon, Inc. will introduce two new digital controllers that will assume the lead in the company's audio product lineup. The MC-12 and MC-12 Balanced Digital Controllers feature "leading-edge audio processing technology, and a unique new industrial design," according to a May 14 announcement.
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A light-sensing circuit that automatically adjusts the brightness and black level to compensate for ambient lighting is one of many refinements in the Sony VPL-VW11HT LCD projector, which debuted last week at the Home Entertainment 2001 show in New York.
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Home Entertainment 2001 arrives in New York this week for three days, May 11-13, at the Hilton Hotel & Towers. There will be more than 80 rooms stuffed with the latest high end audio and video gear, including dozens of brand new products. For more information about the show, go to the HE 2001 web site.
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Far too many home entertainment products are obsolete six months after they are introduced. A new variation on surround sound or video processing comes out, and you have to buy a new processor to take advantage of it.