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With less than two days to go before CES kicks off in Las Vegas, here’s a look at the latest pre-show news to hit our inboxes.
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Emotiva Audio has announced that it will introduce more than a dozen new models at CES 2017, including the first speakers in the BasX line, additions to the Airmotiv speaker series, a new line of lifestyle products called Emersa, and a new flagship AV processor.
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Is it fair to review something that’s still in beta (alpha, even?). Since anyone can play it, and they’re still accepting money if you want to give it, I’d say yeah.

But I’ll clarify now this isn’t a judgement. This is the simplest definition of “review.” Perhaps “checking it out so you don’t have to” would be a better description.

So how goes the biggest crowdfunded project ever? It goes quite well, actually.

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Drum roll, please... We picked more than 50 products in 11 categories for our 2016 Top Picks of the Year list. See which ones made the cut.
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The 2016 holiday was Amazon’s best ever led by sales of its Echo and Echo Dot speaker/personal assistant devices. Sales were so brisk, the company had trouble keeping them in stock.
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With CES less than a week away, press releases and invites teasing products and technologies slated for introduction continue to overtake our inboxes. Here’s a look at some of the latest pre-show news.
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15 Minutes with Cleerline President Robert D’Addario

Fiber optics has been around in audio gear for years. Verizon’s Fiber Optic Service, better known as FiOS, has 7 million Internet subscribers in nine states with plenty of expansion potential. Google, too, has been rolling out its Google fiber service in recent years, though on a much smaller scale with limited service in seven states. Meanwhile, copper is still far and away king of signal transmission both inside and outside of the home. But for how long? To get a sense of what role fiber will play in the future, we sat down with Robert D’ Addario, president of Montana-based Cleerline Technology Group, an innovator in optical cable.

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Q I plan to upgrade my 2010 Pioneer AVR to one capable of switching 4K signals. I would also like the ability to watch one source while listening to the audio of another source in the same room—to, for example, play video games while listening to internet radio. I am not having any luck in my search, however. Do you have suggestions? —Darren Phillips / via email

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The TV App on Apple TV makes it easier to find what you want to watch. Movies and TV Shows from all apps are listed together for easy access. Apple is finally getting it right.
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Build Quality
PRICE $2,047 as reviewed

Concentric mid/tweeter
Pinpoint imaging
App-driven, room- correcting sub
Extra power required
App required for sub control

Speaker designer extraordinaire Andrew Jones continues his work for German manufacturer Elac with some of the best monitor-class speakers we’ve ever heard plus a provocative, app-driven sub.

There are a lot of ways to put together a home theater system. Small speakers—or, as I call them, monitors—are among the best foundations for a multipurpose room that isn’t cavernous in size. The audio industry used to pump out so many potentially interesting passive monitors (not to mention towers) that we could barely review a fraction of them. But with the increasing emphasis today on soundbars and powered lifestyle speakers at the lower end of the market, it’s becoming increasingly hard to put together small-speaker configurations for surround sound.