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You probably haven't heard of <A HREF="">Susan Laurenzi</A> before but that's not surprising since this is her first CD. I don't usually use this blog to review or promote new music, however, this album is a breath of fresh air among the morass of digitized, heavily compressed, overly produced, and lyrically insignificant tunes that is the staple of today's music industry. And I admit it's a shameless plug because Susan is a close, personal friend and I have watched what she has gone through the last several years in an effort to deliver this baby. Indy artists need a lot more than good songs and talent, they have to have serious perseverance and sacrifice, especially of the monetary kind.

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Do you know anyone addicted to white noise to lull them to sleep? At home with your favorite fan, it's not a problem. But, start traveling, and its a whole new problem. Nights are spent trying to find static on hotel radios as most TVs now...
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Do you have an XBox? Have you ever considered adding the NXE-enabled Netflix streaming feature to it? No time like the present. Right now, Netflix has an sweepstake running right now, where weekly winners will be selected to win a kick-ass home...
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While the transition to DTV is delayed again, it's still coming — like it or not. Speaker manufacturer Klipsch is jumping on the transition bandwagon, using the switch as an excuse to upsell your audio system. From an article on TWICE: “We...
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Plenty of companies make outdoor speakers or waterproof speakers that can go near your pool.  What about speakers that go in the pool? Don't have a pool?  Replace your rubber duckie in the tub with these too. These speakers are...
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Like any job, once in a while a project comes along to remind us why we chose our profession in the first place, something that really gets us excited and enthusiastic again. So, it was with great pleasure and even a sense of honor that I accepted the assignment to review the Denon AVP-A1HDCI surround preamp/processor and POA-A1HDCI 10-channel power amplifier for <I>UAV</I>.

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A little know company in Cambridge, Massachussetts could change the way we interface with our home theaters. Using advanced technology, Ambrid has reinvented remote functionality with a universal remote control that uses voice commands to fully automate any home entertainment system.

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When putting together a home theater, even the best equipment can't make up for a lack of style and design. But, having to choose everything from speakers to seating can be overwhelming. We're happy to do the dirty work for you, providing the latest updates, reviews and design tips on all things audio/visual.

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Here's a question from Kirk Spencer in Bartlesville, OK, about the future of television technology:

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It feels like watching a tennis match&#151;back and forth, over and over. The decision to delay the analog-TV cutoff was passed by the Senate, rejected by the House of Representatives, passed again by the Senate last week, and finally passed today by the House with a vote of 264-158. Interestingly, the number of Republicans who voted for the bill (23) was greater than the number of Democrats who voted against it (10). Obviously, President Obama will sign it, since he spearheaded the effort to delay the transition in the first place.