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Worried about the demise of independent record stores nationwide? Then make a date to visit your local "mom and pop" shop this Saturday, April 18 — the second annual Record Store Day.Bands will play. Special releases will be available. And...
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Samsung has unveiled an entire collection of new digital projectors, ranging from portable, low-power models to high-end 1080p home theater models. The Samsung P (Portable), L (LCD), D (Data), and A (A/V) series offer a broad range of projectors,...
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In today's economy, everyone is looking for high value equipment, especially do-it-yourselvers. <A HREF=",185,70,453.asp... Audio</A> is a direct-to-consumer manufacturer. This business model allows them to cut the mighty costs of distribution and dealer support. So, what you buy is the product and not a huge chunk of the associated costs to market it. The new Intimus 4B Harmony SA system is a complete 5.1 speaker system for only $999. This is the company's most affordable system complete with center channel speaker and subwoofer. The surround speakers can be mounted virtually anywhere - ceiling, on-wall, on stands, or placed on a shelf. They are available in real cherry wood (pictured) or high-gloss piano black.

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Danish A/V manufacturer <A href="">Bang & Olufsen</A> is undoubtedly one of the most innovative companies in the world when it comes to industrial design. Founded in 1925 by engineers Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen, its products not only offer superb performance, they are works of art in their own right.

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The project to transform my empty basement into The Ultimate Man Cave took about 8-months. The theme is "Transportation" and all of the artwork and dcor is based on planes, trains, antique cars, motorcycles, etc. We turned approximately 1400 sq. ft. into a large media room/game room/pool room with a dedicated workout area, home office, wine room and storage/AV Room. There is also a full bath and wet bar.

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BitTorrenting is often regarded as a scruffy and perhaps slightly criminal medium. But it will soon gain new respectability when the venerable British Broadcasting Corporation allows a new show to be torrented.
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No matter your favorite color, green should be one of the first you consider when buying electronics. All A/V gear has the potential to be environmentally unfriendly; depending on its power consumption and its construction, your new HDTV could be anything from a modest electricity sipper to a toxic, power-guzzling time bomb.

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<I>I'm currently in the final stages of framing a theater room. The walls are up and electrical/drywall is next. I framed up a spot for a Mitsubishi 73-inch RPTV, but now I'm having second thoughts. I'm scared away from the disappearing RPTV category, but I've ruled out front projection because my memory of projector pictures is that they looked pretty bad. On the other hand, I admit that I'm not up on the latest technology.

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InFocus, one of the big names in digital projectors, has announced that it will be acquired by the Image Holdings Corporation. IHC will buy all outstanding shares at $0.95 per share, totaling around $39 million. Both InFocus' president Bob...
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Audio company JBL and clothing makers Roxy have announced a partnership to produce a line of fashion-minded portable audio equipment. Next month, the companies will release a series of Roxy-branded ear buds and headphones targeted at...