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Let's face it: if you have a home theater, you're going to hook up the majority of your components via HDMI. It looks best, supports 1080p, and gives you all of the audio and video information you need in one handy little plug. If your gadget...
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I know, it's a little TBS Superstation of me to post one of "the world's funniest commercials!" But, as an A/V nerd, this one got me. While itd doesn't quite have the wow-factor of Sony's ultra-elaborate Bravia ads, it's wroth a chuckle. I won't...
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NHT, a well-regarded speaker manufacturer, is taking a break for awhile. Though the company has had many owners, it is not bankrupt--just "going quiet" while it mulls over "a change in strategy," no doubt prompted by the rocky economy. We received the following email from co-founder and co-owner Chris Byrne, reproduced below in its entirety:
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Oppo is well known for making superb DVD players, and it looks like the company is about to do it again with the introduction of its first Blu-ray player, the BDP-83. Slated to be a truly universal player with the ability to play Blu-ray, DVD, CD, DVD-Audio, and SACD, the BDP-83 has been in beta testing for many months, and it's finally close to shipping.
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Is There a Future for High-End Displays? I’ve had a running joke for the last couple of years, that the flat panel TV has ruined the entire industry. It never fails to provoke a reaction. But, people say, there are only two kinds of people in the world- those who want to have a flat screen and those who already have them! The flat panel has become a price-driven commodity. Who needs big screen specialty retailers when your HDTV is just another box you throw in the cart next to the 36-roll pack of TP when you’re at Costco? It’s a funny bit. Then I see Pioneer build the best single-piece HDTVs the world has yet seen, and fail. Not a funny bit. Makes me wonder. Is there a future for high-end displays?
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Guitarist Derek Trucks has long felt suffocated by his Southern heritage and prodigious lineage - and of course, by all t
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When HD DVD died, home theater enthusiasts fretted
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Vudu has been streaming for over a year now, and it's a pretty nice service (just ask our own Gadget Gary Del'Abate). Get the Vudu box (now available in rack-mountable flavors for home theater buffs with a big gear closet), hook it up, and watch your favorite movies for a price.

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Want to see your local cable operator choke on his martini? Just say two little words: "cord cutting." This is the new jargon for consumers who cancel their cable service in favor of other options, according to the Associated Press.
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The Criterion Collection
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In 1987, director and co-writer Bernardo Be