What Goes On Behind Closed Doors?

Interviews are what go on behind closed doors at JVC, and demos for Shane are not. After getting the download on JVC’s demo of a new $7K D-ILA front projector, compared side by side with Sony’s highly regarded Ruby $10K SXRD projector, I motored right over to see the shootout only to be turned away at the door. Someone from JVC was being interviewed I was told, and could I wait outside just a few minutes.

A few minutes turned into a few more, so I went to the Convention Center to see some live demos. When I returned to the JVC demo room later, it had already been broken down even though there is another day and a half of show left.

Read Tom Norton’s blog to get the scoop, and in the meantime here’s a sweet shot of the door to the JVC demo room. That’s as close as I got to seeing the demo.