We're Losers, Say the HD DVD People

Wow, I landed in Vegas, went to the baggage carousel, and there was this big banner that said LOSER HD DVD. Is the HD DVD camp conceding already?

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Even though the word is 'closer' as revealed in the other photo, the HD DVD camp should go ahead and get out the black spray paint and make it official once and for all. Red is Dead and good riddance...finally! Blu Ray is a superior format and was supported by more studios and consumers from the very beginning, so the final outcome was never in any doubt--only prolonged by the brainless who bought HD DVD players (aka dust collectors) and discs (aka coasters). The world will be much better off being Blu from now on anyway...

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Let's see if they bow out gracefully. Or do they have another card up their sleve?

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I don't think they have anymore sleeves OR cards. Even if the rumored XBox 360 built-in HD-DVD drive is true, it won't do much good at this point in time. It should've been built in to begin with.The better format won. Hands down.

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hahaha, i like it, nice crop

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I could care less who wins, if that can be done. As what happens most of the time, the consumers get the short end of the stick. The format which is doing what was promised with most of the features in that technology is hd dvd. Blu Ray is just a rushed to the market standalone player only and no extra interactive capabilities. All early adopoters will be left in the cold and having to buy new blu ray players if they can ever deliver on features promised. In the meanwhile I have no problems with my hd a1 dvd player. Firmware updated and none of the old dated issues that was had before from a performance standpoint. I'm wandering if there are any blu ray owners now who is doing what I am doing. Playing movies like Boure Ultimatum and The Kingdom while at the web site. And to think this is the format Sony wants to run out of town? Well, what the heck. If it makes Sony feels good, I'm still buying all the sacds I can afford and loving it. Great music.