Super Blu Is True- TrueHD

I was hoping at this show to be able to get some definitive answers about the aduio decoding and interactivity capabilities of LG's Super Blu, second-gen combi player. Only a couple of these questions were answered here as the unit at the show was a prototype that LG's reps weren't yet famiilar with.

Here's what we know (or at least think we know). There is an HD DVD logo and according to LG's reps the player is fully compatible with HDi navigation and interactivity. There is onboard Dolby TrueHD decoding and a logo to prove it, but no DTS-HD Master Audio logo anywhere.

There is an Ethernet port, and the press release states specifically that it's compatible with Picture-In-Picture with both HD DVD and Blu-ray, which suggests BD-ROM Profile 1.1. It is also claimed specifically to be compatible with web-enabled HD DVD interactivity and BD-Live network features, which also suggest BD-ROM Profile 2 compatibility. These BD features are the question mark. I will continue to follow up with LG when we get back to nail these things down.

This is significant because if the LG is BD-ROM Profile 2 that makes it the only standalone yet announced to be comaptible with BD-Live features, which have been announced for upcoming titles.