Sharp’s SmartCentral 4.0 Allows Viewing of 4 Streams at Once

For those who can split their attention, Sharp offers MultiView that displays four separate streams onscreen. Easily controlled by Sharp’s tablet app, users can choose videos from myriad online video streaming services. MultiView is part of Sharp’s SmartCentral 4.0 that has been fully redesigned from last year’s Smart TV user interface.

Sharp’s Smart TVs will run both their SmartCentral platform and Android TV. SmartCentral 4.0 integrates live TV and streaming services. Global voice search will find titles, actors and keywords on both live TV and online streaming. The Android TV takes advantage of the growing number of apps and media available through the Google Play store. It will run Android Lollipop version 5.0.2 (or whatever is available when the TVs are released) and will have seamless integration with smartphones and tablets that are also running Lollipop.

Each member of the family can access SmartCentral 4.0 using their own profile. This allows for a custom experience for each person.