Samsung Packs Them In

Samsung announced major improvements to its line of LCD TVs. For 2007, it's adding several technologies designed to increase contrast ratio, improve blacks, and reduce motion blur. Super Clear Panel adds a filter to cut down on stray light. Local Dimming adds LED backlighting which treats specific areas of the screen, where needed, to increase contrast ratio up to a claimed 100,000:1. And Double Frame Rate 120 Hz is said to reduce motion blur.

On the DLP side, Samsung has added additional models that use LEDs for illumination in place of a projection lamp. This includes models shrunk to as little as 10" in depth.

A second generation Samsung Blu-ray player is also expected in early 2007. It will include Silicon Optix HQV processing and an Ethernet connection.

Sharp is also working to develop products that will take advantage of the new A-VSB (Advanced Vestigial Sideband) DTV technology that minimizes interference when the receiver is moving. While this is not yet in any commercial product, we can one day expect to be able to watch TV everywhere, all the time. You can even get lost while watching Lost, and still watch Lost. Brave New World, this.