Samsung Adds Automatic Relevant Search to Smart TVs

Adding to its many Smart TV features, Samsung is enriching the TV watching experience by making it easier to get information, related videos, and related social media. If you want to look up details about the show, see a YouTube video interview, or check out other viewers comments, you no longer have to pull out your smartphone or tablet. The Multi-Link feature splits the screen and displays the information alongside the TV show. As an added convenience, you need only launch the second app—a web browser, YouTube, etc.—and it will automatically add the search keyword display search results for the TV show that you are watching. In the YouTube screen, there will be a list of keywords so you can choose from various terms that relate to the TV program.

The Samsung Social TV 3.0 displays a sidebar with a live Twitter feed including Tweets with a hashtag related to the show where a user can retweet directly from the TV. The sidebar can also display Facebook or Skype.

The feature is made possible through a partnership with Rovi. If you’ve connected a cable or satellite box to the TV and added your zip code in the setup, the TV knows what channel you are watching when you use the TV remote (or voice command) to change the cable or satellite channel.