Quantum Media 4K

Quantum Media showed its full RGB 4K laser projector. The booth was too dark to get a good shot of it, but it’s large (and loud) enough to deserve a small projection booth of its own. In its 4K guise it will cost you between $150,000 and $200,000. Depending on the price, it includes a server that can download a rotating variety of films in theatrical 4K quality. The projector is said to be capable of ITU-R2020 color and HDR. The picture quality was superb, apart from rather high black levels (the otherwise dark booth had a fairly large opening near the back which didn’t help, but the black level appeared to be the projector’s only serious weakness (apart from the price!). It’s 4K conversion was good, though I did see a slight softness on scenes from Avatar that I’m familiar with. But I’ve never seen them blown up on a 15-foot wide screen before! They were also using a new Stewart woven screen (Stewart’s first woven screen rather than perforated—though perforated screens are still in that company’s line).