Paradigm Gushes Speakers

Approximately 87 percent of all speaker models introduced at the show were from Paradigm. Bill VanderMarel shows off the new Signature line with beryllium tweeter. Even more significant, to me, is the fourth-gen revision of the Studio line--the second-gen Studio/20 happens to be my longtime reference speaker--with the aluminum tweeter upgraded to a better one and the polymer woofer giving way to satin-anodyzed aluminum. Highlight of the revised Monitor series is a new and larger version of Paradigm's classic budget bookshelf model, the Titan. Millenia is the new "lifestyle" line, and there are in-walls galore.

Mark's picture

Mark,Did you get a chance to listen to any of their in-walls? Are they back boxed and how did they sound if you demo'd them? I am looking for in-walls around the $500 each range that are for movies only. I prefer ribbon tweeters and need a back box that will install to a depth of 3-3/8's or less. Any suggestions outside of the Paradigm line???Thanks