Panasonic Shows 1080p Plasmas

Panasonic showed their huge 103 inch plasma again but now it’s actually for sale. More interesting to most people was the complete line of 1080p plasmas at 42, 50, 58, and 65 inches. These new panels are claimed to be nearly burn-in proof and offer a lifespan (to half brightness) of 60,000 hours or 27 years at 6 hours per day. The previous silver styling has been replaced by solid black. Panasonic, totally committed to plasma in larger sizes, will soon have the ability to make 11.5 million panels per year. Below 37 inches, LCD will continue to prevail.

They also showed their first consumer HD camcorder which has the ability to transfer images to their plasma sets by either HDMI connection or SD memory card (an industry first).