November Entertainment Reviews

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Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better
Kanye West Late Registration
Death Cab For Cutie Plans
The New Pornographers Twin Cinema
Paul McCartney Chaos and Ceration in the Backyard
A Band of Bees Free The Bees
Gretchen Wilson All Jacked Up
The Flaming Lips The Fearless Freaks and Void
Tracking Surround Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler, Rory Galleagher, Ben Folds, and Keane.
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The Longest Yard
Kingdom of Heaven
Layer Cake
Melinda and Melinda
Avant-Garde Experimental Cinema of the 1920s and '30s
The Saint The Early Episodes: Sets 1 & 2
Desperate Housewives Season 1
Extended Versions Extended versions of The Gladiator and Major Dundee
Disney Movies Cinderella and the 10th Anniversary Edition of Toy Story
Family Business Two new DVDs from The Family Guy.
The Movies of Preston Sturges Palm Beach Story and The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
Reference Disk Kung Fu Hustle
Horror Movie Compilations The Hammer Horror Series vs. The Val Lewton Horror Collection
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Burnout: Revenge
Jak X: Combat Racing
Ninja Gaiden Black
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