No Longer Your Father's Speaker Company

Bowers and Wilkins goes back to their roots and their original name. No longer using the abbreviated B & W moniker, the loudspeaker manufacturer is looking seriously at the lifestyle market. Using the prestige of their innovative reference speaker systems, Bowers and Wilkins is making inroads with a whole new generation of consumers. Last year, they came out with the ultimate iPod speaker system, that used trickle down technology from their Nautilus series. This year at CES, they are showcasing Liberty, an integrated 5.1 system featuring wireless cable-free speakers.

The Liberty system is comprised of four XT speakers, digital radio, a disc player and wireless transmitter. The four speakers are the three-way, floor standing XTW 8, the two-way XTW 2 and XTW Centre bookshelf/stand speakers, and the PVW 1 subwoofer. The fully active system powered by an integrated class-D amplifier is capable of transmitting up to eight channels: a 5.1 configuration for full surround sound plus two extra channels reserved for remote zones.

They say this system overcomes many of the common drawbacks inherent in other wireless systems due to a technique the company calls, dynamic channel selection, which changes frequency on the fly, always choosing the least trafficked frequency band. The claim is you are left with a wireless speaker system free from interference and delay, and sound quality equal to CD and DVD.

There was no official release date or price, but it sure looked sleek and simple.